Happy Birthday, Shakti


     I’ve tried to write and edit this post so many times. For some reason, every draft I’ve written has sounded like a typical seventh grade Instagram birthday shoutout, and Shakti (also known as the person who proofreads all my posts) deserves much more than that on her 17th birthday. The truth is that I could go on and on about all the memories we’ve made such as singing along to music at the top of our lungs every car and bus ride we’ve been on together, Facetiming for hours every night, making music videos in my basement, spending every middle and high school formal together, and so many more. I could go on and on about how excited I am to room with her in Disney next year, graduate side by side, and go on our road trip next summer. I could go on and on about all our inside jokes from  “Guess the body part!” to “GO OFF SHAKTI”. However, no one will understand a post like that because 99% of our memories, future plans, and inside jokes are SO weird. So let’s stray from the “seventh-grade-birthday-shoutout” theme and get to the part that I want the world to read.
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Be Unapologetically Emotional

Honesty is the scariest thing I’ve ever known. By being vulnerable and honest with your emotions, you open yourself up to a world of hurt. Your honesty can be taken advantage of. It can become the reason people are apprehensive to spend time with you. And no, I’m not talking about “mean” honesty. Not “Sorry I’m just gonna be honest…there’s no way he’ll ever like you”, but instead emotional honesty like, “Oh I’m good…actually no. Honestly, I’m feeling really weak today and I need help”. While all types of honesty are important in this world, the kind I try to base my life on is emotional honesty. I don’t know what the scientific term is for this concept, but to me, emotional honesty is telling people about the emotions you are really feeling at any moment. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been honest with my emotions to a fault. When I was really young, I cried all the time if I was sad, and I carried that into teenage-hood too. People around me always try to put on a smile and a positive attitude. While that is healthy sometimes, honesty should prevail.

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