My name is Anna Birman. I’m from a tiny place called Newtown, Pennsylvania, but I go to school at the College of William and Mary in the equally tiny Williamsburg, VA. My mom is my best friend and my dad is my go-to for anything from physics to boy problems. I am an only child, but my best friends are like sisters to me. I’m an average teenager, except maybe in my unreasonable obsession with Michael from Jane the Virgin.  I love to run, bake, go shopping, and obviously, write. While I am far from a professional writer, I love writing about the things that matter to me. One time, my friend and I were in my room and she asked me why I always have my curtains open. It was a fair question since most people are used to keeping their curtains shut.  While I obviously make sure to not change in front of my window, I don’t mind having my daily morning dance parties or my occasional afternoon meltdowns in front of anyone who may be to the right side of my window. I don’t see the point in hiding my emotional, honest self. Not only do I keep my bedroom curtains open, I also leave my emotional curtains open. I believe in honesty and embracing all the wild emotions that our world makes us feel. I hope that by reading my posts, you are encouraged to keep your emotional curtains open


Instagram: Anna.Birman

Email: Anna.Birman@yahoo.com