Why Rory From Gilmore Girls is an Awful Example For Girls Everywhere

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Two years ago, I discovered the show Gilmore Girls. If you’ve never watched it, quit reading while you’re ahead because this post is solely centered on this sitcom. When I first watched Gilmore Girls, I was mesmerized by Rory and the amazing life she had. I was inspired by her academic talents, her ability to attract any guy she wanted, and her town’s absolute adoration of her.  Her relationship with her mom, Lorelei, seemed perfect, and her crystal clear complexion never suffered. Her life seemed flawless, and I wanted to resemble her in every way possible.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I was looking for a new show to waste my time on. The coziness of the town of Stars Hollow is perfect for watching on cold, winter nights, so I decided to start the series again. I could spend all night writing my analysis of the whole show from the first to the last episode, but that’s extremely extra, and I don’t think anyone has an attention span long enough to read all those thoughts. What I want to zero in on is the fact that Rory is the most misleading character I’ve seen on any show I’ve ever watched. The Gilmore family and Stars Hollow community idolize their precious Rory, but in reality, Rory is nothing but a cheater who gets everything handed to her.

When people think of Ross from Friends, they often associate him with and immensely dislike him for basically cheating on Rachel. However, when people think of Rory from Gilmore Girls, they think of an amazing girlfriend to all the guys she dated.  Most people don’t realize that sweet, innocent Rory cheated 5 times on the show. She kissed Tristan the day after her and Dean broke up (which wasn’t technically cheating, but if y’all want to say that Ross was a cheater, you have to say Rory was one too). She cheated on Dean when she kissed Jess. She helped Dean cheat on his wife. She cheated on Logan when she kissed Jess. Finally, in the revival, she cheated on Paul with Logan and helped Logan cheat on his fiancée.

Rory cheats on every boy she’s ever dated, yet gets extremely angry any time one of these guys, especially Logan, even speaks with another girl. Rory gets furious when she learns that Logan slept with other girls while they were on a break, yet she soon-after cheats on him by kissing Jess. Later, Rory gets extremely jealous when she finds out that Logan is friends with his beautiful coworker, Bobbi. She expects him to only have eyes for her, but cannot do the same for him. While I don’t think cheating once or twice when you’re young makes you a terrible person, cheating continuously into adulthood and never learning your lesson kind of does. Rory basically spreads the message that cheating is okay if you’re going through a rough patch, and this is the worst possible example of a role model for young viewers.

Next, let’s address her academics. I will never live down the episode where she receives acceptance letters from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale in the mail. This show is usually so realistic, but this scene is completely absurd. Sure, Rory’s grades throughout her time at Chilton are great, but she does minimal volunteer work, and the only club she does is the school newspaper. In reality, to get into an Ivy League, you have to be the best of the best in every way possible, and Rory simply is not. This scene gives viewers the unrealistic expectation that they too can be accepted into the three most prestigious schools in the country by just being a good academic student. These viewers are set up for disappointment if they believe that they too can have college acceptances easily handed to them.

Finalllyyyyy, Rory’s relationship with Lorelei. I don’t know a single person who has a mother who gives them absolutely everything and never dares to punish or at least be a little strict towards them, even when their kid is being extremely selfish. In the revival, Lorelei tells Rory she doesn’t feel comfortable with Rory writing a book about their journey together, for she doesn’t want all of the mistakes of her young life to be public to the world. When Rory hears this, she freaks out and cannot understand why Lorelei, for once, isn’t putting Rory’s wants way above her own. Their relationship basically encourages girls to think that being spoiled beyond measure should be the standard. Yes, the love and friendship Rory and Lorelei have is beautiful, but Rory has absolutely no respect for Lorelei as a mother figure. Respect is crucial in strong mother-daughter relationships, but sadly, Rory completely misleads viewers into thinking it isn’t.

I hate being judgmental, I swear, but when it comes to a television character whose whole life story I know, I’m a bit less apprehensive to do so. Imperfect characters are usually more endearing, but there’s a difference between being imperfect and being a crappy example for viewers everywhere. I usually try to incorporate a positive ending to these posts, but all I have to say to end this one is…don’t be a Rory.


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